With Malice Aforethought

Waking the Dead (Part 1)

The Wait

The party arranged themselves around the area of the graveyard reserved for the poorest of the city – where Balfor had seen signs of Brother Bragen’s activities. Balfor positioned himself to the north, against the face of the Castle Rock, while Ashlour and Grimfold hid behind the gravestones of the less poor former citizens west of the communal graves, Hwell and Mark2 sheltered among the mausoleums to the south, while Arglebrath and S’heldon hid among the scrubby bushes to the east.

An Un-Expected Guest

Shortly after midnight, the light of a torch could be seen moving toward them. It quickly became clear that the figure holding the torch walked with the aid of a crutch, seemingly confirming him as Bragen. It also became apparent that in the black of the night, all party members were too far away to see his activities in any detail, so they all decided to approach cautiously.

Having moved closer to their target, the party could hear the sounds of speech, and although difficult in the torchlight, it seemed that the newcomer was also gesticulating, and after several minutes of this, the dead were seen to rise all about him.

Killing the Dead

As the dead were rising, Balfor loosed a shot with his bow, which connected with Bragen. As the skeletons stepped out upon the ground, flesh and clothes dripping from their empty frames, the party advanced, and S’heldon attempted to turn the undead with the power of his divine calling, but sadly they merely stood there, defiantly grinning. Bragen called out

“Meddling fools, prepare to die!”

The party battled the skeletons while Bragen continued chanting. They had some success but not enough to break through the ring of undead protecting him. Bragen commanded his undead to advance, as a barrier of bones grew from the ground around him, forming an 8 foot deep barrier around him. At this point, Bragen began to laugh maniacally.

Skeleton after skeleton was dispatched, but almost as quickly as they were destroyed, Bragen would call out “Rise!” and more would crawl from the ground to join the fight. Ashlour transformed his fist to stone and began to smash the wall, but his spell expired long before he could break through.

Balfor was clearly spooked that the unarmed corpses could claw through armour and cried out in disbelief, to which Grimfold cried out

“They’re filled with the unholy strength of the eternally damned!”

During the fight, a puzzle emerged. Bragen cast spells to cause a glowing blue hand to attack the party at the same time as causing new undead to emerge from the grave site. How was he doing it? Was he doing it? The battle raged on…



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