Tag: Sir Clarvar


  • A Powerful Friend

    h3. %{color:green}Reward% Having cornered [[:samorna | the thief]], the party question her. She calls herself Samorna and claims that she took the sack because [[:bragram | Bragram]] was clearly well-off, riding a good horse and so she believed its …

  • Bragram

    Bragram worked for [[:sir-ferek-clarvar | Sir Clarvar ]]. He was a well-dressed man with a short beard and wears a long sword at his side. Bragram was killed by falling rocks in a kobold attack on the road from [[Shattered Peak | Shattered Peak]] to …

  • Ganant

    This man is known to be a negotiator from the [[:sir-ferek-clarvar | Clarvar]] merchant house. He is thought to have been murdered in [[Peakstone | Peakstone]].