Tag: Shattered Peak


  • Stolen Goods

    h3. %{color:green}The Beginning% [[:arglebrath | Arglebrath]] was the first to wake and found that he and (most of) the others were being cared for in a dormitory style infirmary. Reassured that they weren't in danger he attracted the attention of a …

  • A Powerful Friend

    h3. %{color:green}Reward% Having cornered [[:samorna | the thief]], the party question her. She calls herself Samorna and claims that she took the sack because [[:bragram | Bragram]] was clearly well-off, riding a good horse and so she believed its …

  • Friend or Foe?

    h3. %{color:green}Returning Heroes% The party spent the night at the [[Wayfarer's Inn | Wayfarer's Inn]], then returned to [[Shattered Peak | the city]] with no further incidents. On their arrival, they proceeded immediately to meet with [[:sir-ferek- …

  • Waking the Dead (Part 1)

    h3. %{color:green}The Wait% The party arranged themselves around the area of the graveyard reserved for the poorest of the city - where [[:balfor | Balfor]] had seen signs of [[:bragen | Brother Bragen's]] activities. [[:balfor | Balfor]] positioned …

  • Melcienne Monastery

    This monastery is located in a poor quarter of [[Shattered Peak]]. The party regained consciousness in the infirmary here after passing through [[Remember the Sacrifice | the portal]] opened by [[:nulaggandu | the demon]].

  • Wayfarer's Inn

    This inn is nestled in a crevasse in the mountainside along which runs the road between [[Shattered Peak | Shattered Peak]] and [[Peakstone | Peakstone]]. It's walled compound houses a functional tavern, common room and guest rooms, as well as stables …

  • Castle Rock

    Castle Rock is a large rocky promontory toward the south east of [[Shattered Peak | Shattered Peak's]] city centre on which is built the castle of the Lord of the city, [[:lord-gwaide-erbale | Lord Gwaide Erbale]].

  • Sir Ferek Clarvar

    Sir Clarvar is the head of the Clarvar Merchant House in [[Shattered Peak]]. His trading house is situated in the central square of the city. He has a financial interest in the quarry run by [[:amecil-carussa | Amecil Carussa]] in [[Peakstone | …

  • Brother Bragen

    Bragen wears the same brown robes as all of his order, but unlike most of his brothers, he is clearly a strong, well-built man. He has an unruly mass of greying brown hair that seems to have a life of it's own and frames a weather-worn, plain face which …

  • Bragram

    Bragram worked for [[:sir-ferek-clarvar | Sir Clarvar ]]. He was a well-dressed man with a short beard and wears a long sword at his side. Bragram was killed by falling rocks in a kobold attack on the road from [[Shattered Peak | Shattered Peak]] to …

  • Samorna

    Samorna is around 5'06" tall and wears nondescript grey clothing, including a headband. She has short blonde hair, an athletic build and is moderately attractive.

  • Ganant

    This man is known to be a negotiator from the [[:sir-ferek-clarvar | Clarvar]] merchant house. He is thought to have been murdered in [[Peakstone | Peakstone]].

  • Ader

    Old homeless man, and regular contact of [[:bragen | Brother Bragen]], from the [[Melcienne Monastery | Melcienne Monastery]].