With Malice Aforethought

Stolen Goods

The Beginning

Arglebrath was the first to wake and found that he and (most of) the others were being cared for in a dormitory style infirmary. Reassured that they weren’t in danger he attracted the attention of a brown-robed figure who hobbled over with his crutches to talk.

Apparently the PCs had been brought to a monastery in a city called Shattered Peak by the ‘household guard’ while they were unconscious and had been tended to while an official waited to question them. Arglebrath noticed the absence of Hestus and was told he was being kept in one of the brother’s cells as a precaution due to the open sores and other evidence of disease that they’d been unable to cure.

The rest of the party were roused (except Big Al who remained asleep), dressed and invited by Investigator Brei – who was accompanied by two city guards – to answer some questions. Hestus was brought in from the cell by Brother Bragen and during conversation it came to light that the party were fortunate that the gate opened very near to where Lord Gwaide Erbale’s delegation from the capital were returning to the city. Cavalry men were sent to investigate the obvious appearance of a demon through a gate but they were intercepted by zombies and skeletons, allowing the demon, the black robed figure and some other men to escape into the mountain forests, while leaving the unconscious party to be found by the household guard. Kincaid informed the investigator that it seemed the black robed man was searching for something and that the demon opened the gate to Shattered Peak, implying this is where the object is to be found.

After informing the party that they remain ‘suspect’ until their story can be corroborated, he asked if they had anyone to act as their guarantor during their stay in the city, whereupon Brother Bragen volunteered to vouch for them, explaining that he has sympathy for them perhaps because of his own adventurous past. Investigator Brei told the party they were free to leave, but warned them that the city is a place of law and order and they will be expected to act accordingly. They were also advised to register any weapons with the guard.

It must also be noted that the upon waking, the party realized that there were gaps in their memory of events prior to Dain’s sacrifice. In fact, none of them could remember how they had all come together at all.

The Chase

On leaving the monastery, it became obvious that Shattered Peak was a large bustling city, positioned in a mountain pass and flanked on both sides by the curious spires of rock that gave it its name. The monastery was situated in a poor area of town amongst warehouses and poor dwellings, within sight of the more odiferous trades and borderline slums. Many of the better buildings were built of a grey granite – including the monastery – but there were also many wooden building and those of poorer construction.

Before long, the party heard the sound of a horse in distress and spotted a rider struggling to control his horse, while shouting “Stop that thief.” Ashlour attempted to calm the horse, while Ashlour spotted a figure running through the crowd and ran off in pursuit, belatedly followed by Hestus. The rest of the party decided to wait, to consider their options.

The running figure ducked into an alleyway and scaled the wall, obviously intending to escape over the rooftops. Hestus helped Kincaid climb to the roof and he set off in pursuit. Meanwhile Ashlour calmed the victim’s horse and rode with him in pursuit of the thief. Arglebrath and Hwell also set off on foot, taking an alternate route via the back alleys of the city.

Hestus eventually scaled the wall and began to follow, but quickly fell off the roof altogether, landing in a heap in the main street. Kincaid also slipped, but managed to cling on to the roof and regain his feet to continue the chase. When getting a brief glimpse of the thief between buildings, Arglebrath realised it was a woman. Ashlour meanwhile, got a sling shot in at her but it glanced harmlessly off her armour.

As Kincaid gamely continued his rooftop chase, Arglebrath helped Hwell up onto the roofs in an attempt to cut off the thief’s escape and then climbed the wall himself.

At last the woman slipped on the roof, allowing the party to engage with her. Hwell attemptted to grab the stolen sack, while Arglebrath tried to grapple with her to prevent her escape. Both failed, but as she ran off again, Hwell landed a hit on her with the flat of his blade. With the others slowing the woman in combat, Ashlour also climbed onto a roof to further limit her options to escape, and surrounded, she gave herself up.



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