With Malice Aforethought

Remember the Sacrifice

The Setup

This session opened with the PCs (Arglebrath, Ashlour, Big Al, Hestus, Hwell and Kincaid) sprawled on the floor of a dry, dusty circular chamber 40 feet across, their hands tied behind their backs and gags in their mouths. Guarding them were two humans wielding spears, but also wearing short swords. Also present in the chamber were 2 more guards, positioned in front of the chamber’s only exit, and 2 positioned either side of an altar. The party’s weapons and backpacks have been thrown to the opposite side of the room.

Two tall braziers flanked the altar, burning with a foul incense, another lower, larger oval brazier sat alongside, and standing behind the altar was a black robed figure in the middle of a ritual. Chained to the altar is Dain and in the hands of the robed figure is a long serrated blade with etched with runes.


As the PCs tried (and failed) to free themselves, the robed figure slashed openDain’s arms and legs, releasing his blood to flow onto the altar. Dain screamed in pain and fear.

The party continued to struggle with their bonds as the robed figure raised his blade high in the air… and brought it down into Dain’s chest, hacking a hole big enough for him to reach in and tear out his still beating heart. At this point, with the guards distracted – putting it mildly – and quaking with fear, the party managed to escape their bonds, but sensibly hide this fact from their captors.

The robed figure then deposited the heart in the large brazier and the flames burned black. The robed figure finished his chanting and called out “Come to me Nulaggandu, show me the K’thall!” With a sound like the tearing of flesh, a demon appears.
Demon nulaggandu
The demon announced “That which you seek has been lost for many centuries, for what purpose do you wish to find it?”

“I wish to return the master.” Said the robed figure.

“I will aid you.” Replied Nulaggandu.

At this point, the party made their move, with both Arglebrath and Big Al attempting to steal swords from the pre-occupied guards (Arglebrath succeeded, Big Al only succeeded in attracting the attention of the startled guard), Kincaid impressively disarmed another of his spear and caught it, Ashlour cast Stone Fist and felled another, while Hestus ran to retrieve his morning star.

Nulaggandu spoke a command word and behind the altar, near the wall a shimmering gate appeared, through which from a bird’s eye’s perspective could be seen a city located in a pass flanked by two striking peaks of stone. The perspective of the gate changed and it moved down to ground level. Noticing the captives struggles, the robed figure instructed his men to kill the party and then to follow through the gate with the others. Although Kincaid threw his spear and hit the black robed figure, it merely stopped and fell to the floor as though it had hit a statue. With that, he and the demon stepped through the gate.

The party meanwhile overcome the guards, the highlight being when Big Al punched a guard in his most sensitive area, whereupon the man doubled up in pain, and vomited over the head of the halfling. Big Al then wasted no time in taking away his sword and killing him with it.

Finally free, the party gathered up their gear. At this point, Ashlour noticed that the only exit from the room was blocked by many approaching zombies, and it was decided that the only exit was the gate.

On preparing to leave, the PCs noticed that the black robed figure and demon appeared to be looking at something out of view of the party, and hoping they would remain distracted they began to file through.

As they each stepped through the gate, the PCs fell unconscious, and though the last of them to leave could see what was happening to the others, feeling they had no choice stepped through anyway and joined their associates in sleep.



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