With Malice Aforethought

Returning Heroes

The party spent the night at the Wayfarer’s Inn, then returned to the city with no further incidents. On their arrival, they proceeded immediately to meet with Sir Clarvar and inform him of the results of their mission to Peakstone.

To summarise:

  • Two employees dead
  • Mine bought for up to twice the recommended amount
  • Kobolds proved to be guilty of Ganant’s murder, not the hunter previously accused

Sir Clarvar took it rather well. The silver lining, was of course securing the mithril content in the ore, and if the quantities pan out as expected, the profit should still be significant. Though of course, the party’s share will not be paid until the new mine is in profit, meaning the heroes came away without any immediate monetary reward.


Having reported in, the party returned to the monastery for the night. As they made their way to the dormitory, they encountered a weary looking Brother Bragen, who asked them to investigate the absence of his regular contact among the homeless of Shattered Peak, Ader. On sensing that there was more to tell, Bragen admitted that he believed that Ader and the other homeless of the city were deliberately avoiding him.


After an extremely refreshing night’s rest, the party quickly went to the spot where Ader usually slept, and found him with no difficulty. In conversation with him, it was discovered that Ader believes Brother Bragen to be guilty of necromantic practices and claimed to have seen it with his own eyes.

The party promptly visited the city’s municipal graveyard, where Balfor found strong signs of Bragen having been there.

Now convinced of the need to investigate further, the party elected to hide in wait for Bragen in the graveyard, rather than confront him.



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