With Malice Aforethought

Discretion is the Better Part of Valour

Run Away, Run Away!

Brief Respite

Having fought off the kobolds who were alerted when they freed the prisoners, the party retrieved the rest of their new comrades equipment, and found within their backpacks (amongst general equipment) a couple of flasks and some oil.

They experimented with the flask found in the cleric’s backpack by pouring a little down the cleric’s throat and were relieved to find that it did indeed provide healing. The rest they used to restore some health to two of the other casualties. Now restored to some health, the cleric was also able to use his healing skill to at least revive the fourth unconscious party member.


At this point, kobold re-enforcements arrived and the party decided their best course of action was RETREAT!

After a quick discussion, they decided to make use of the narrow sloping shelf that they used to enter the cavern as this would ensure that any pursuers would only be able to come at them one at a time. In order to buy the rest of the party some time, Martin2 prepared a hopeful ambush just around a bend in the tunnel while the others moved quickly to a flatter area. (characters fell in to the water, including Hwell who just continued to swim).

After dispatching two further kobolds, Martin2 was struck and landed in the water. S’heldon and Ashlour had no luck in ranged combat and just before a swimming kobold finished off Martin2, an enormous creature with a crocodile-like maw devoured the humanoid, which then continued back toward the cavern in pursuit of further prey.

Sounds of carnage were heard in that direction, and three kobolds crawled toward the party in abject terror and surrender. Hwell fished Martin2 from the water and used healing skill to flush the water from his lungs. The kobolds continued to crawl unimpeded through the party and then ran and dived into the submerged section of tunnel further back toward the entrance and the party let them go.

Much Needed Rest

The party rested, in order to regain some health and spells: Cure Light Wounds x3 were administered by S’heldon and the party voted to go back to the cavern to investigate.

They discovered evidence that the monster was able to move on dry land and that he’d clearly attacked the main living area of the kobold tribe. There was also evidence that the kobolds had cleared out toward an area of the cavern naturally screened by stalactites and stalagmites and up an area of carved steps.

The party pursued, but when they neared the top they heard the banging of drums and the characteristic barking of kobolds, alerted to their presence…



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