With Malice Aforethought

A Powerful Friend


Having cornered the thief, the party question her. She calls herself Samorna and claims that she took the sack because Bragram was clearly well-off, riding a good horse and so she believed its contents would be valuable. She denied being a member of any guild.

Inside, they found an expensive looking, locked hard-wood box with a sun motif burned into the lid. Although Arglebrath looked interested in trying to open it, Ashlour realised that Bragram was within earshot below. With the stolen object retrieved, the party let Samorna escape, because as Arglebrath said, “it’s always useful to know a local thief.”

While climbing off the roof, both Hwell and Kincaid fell off the roof and were taken to the Monastery to recuperate, meanwhile Big Al had recovered enough to rejoin with the party.

Bragram invited the party to escort him to his employer’s offices, where after waiting for 40 minutes or so, they were ushered into his study. Sir Clarvar thanked them for their assistance and revealed that the box contained a sample of acanthite, a silver ore that he confirmed contained traces of mithril. This ore had been found in a newly-revealed cave system that had been broken open by quarrying in Peakstone, where he has a business interest.

Sir Ferek Clarvar asked the PCs if they would continue to provide protection, this time for Bragram, and return to Peakstone where his negotiator would need to be informed that the presence of mithril had been confirmed. As a reward for their help and continued assistance, he offered the party a share of half of one percent of the profits made as a result of any deal for the mining rights to the ore. Peakstone is two days travel from Shattered Peak and so he loaned the party horses for the journey.

The Journey

After a nights sleep, the party fetched their horses and left the city heading West on the southern side of the central mountains. Although the road was clearly hewn from the side of the mountains, and the drop the the left was often little better than a cliff, the road was clearly well maintained, and a regular route for tradespeople and the odd traveller. The journey was uneventful until late in the day, a large figure came sliding down the high slope to the North to land in amongst the party.

Arglebrath sat on his horse in shock, as the new arrival stood up, staring stupidly at the party with his single eye in the middle of his face. The monster, 7 or 8 feet tall, raised a huge bone he clearly used as a club and aimed at Ashlour, who sensible slid off the other side of his horse, using it as a meaty shield, which the monster duly smashed with his weapon, causing the horse to bolt, severely wounded. Hestus struck the monster from behind with his morning star, causing the beast to spin around. Ashlour cast a Chill Touch to hurt the monster as he spun, Arglebrath threw almost all his darts at it, hitting once, while Big Al struck once, before being treated like a tent-peg by the monster looming over him and ending up bleeding and unconscious on the ground.

A long drawn-out battle progressed slowly, while the strength having been drawn from the creature by Ashlour’s Chill Touch, the monster became marginally less threatening, eventually being put down by Bragram. The party were triumphant, finding 9gp amongst the monsters otherwise meagre possessions.



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